Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ride to the Sky 2009

Laconia Bike Week is underway, and yesterday was the first motorcycle only day at the Auto Road. It wasn't a crystal clear, blue sky day by any means, but the hearty souls that chose to take the ride experienced true Mt. Washington weather. It's a ride unlike any other, and these riders really felt that.

Here's some video from Monday:

Ride to the Sky again on Thursday with the second motorcycle only day. Click here for details. Obviously, bikes are also welcome at the Auto Road throughout the remainder of Bike Week and the rest of the season.

See you on the Rockpile!

- Ryan

Oh, I almost forgot...don't forget to get your photo taken by PhantomBiker.com. The Phantom is up on the mountain every day during Bike Week.


  1. Nicely done video, Ryan. Next you'll need to get a helmet cam and ride along with them.

  2. That would be sweet. I keep trying to come up with reasons for my wife to let me get a bike...list is getting longer!

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