Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mini's On Top 2009

Well after many days of unending rain, it seemed inevitable that rain would too hinder the gorgeous sunset that hundreds of Mini Cooper owners travel to see each year at the annual Mini's On Top event. If you haven't caught wind of this event yet, go check out their site, even if you aren't a Mini owner, its an amazing site to see all of them parading around together! They started off with their annual BBQ and raffle with unbelievable prizes, like a 2-yr lease to a new Mini! The weather was overcast for much of that time but the sun did come out just as the Mini's were lining up to commence up Mt. Washington . What a beautiful send-off it was, rainbow and all...once they arrived "on top," Mini owner's enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous sunset with a few highlighting clouds. Spectacular!

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