Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ice and Snow

It feels a little odd to be writing about ice and snow depths in April, but that's the life of a Road Crew. The good news is that below halfway, we've found less snow than we usually do. The deepest depth was about 18", which was found around the Twin Bridges. But, we have found plenty of ice. In some places, the ice has been as thick as 15". Not ideal for clearing the Road, but it means that the road surface has been well protected throughout the winter.

At this point, the bulldozer has cleared all the way to the winter cutoff—about 4.5 miles. Now, cleared by the bulldozer doesn't mean that the road surface is bare. Quite the contrary. The bulldozer clears the majority of the snow, but it's not like plowing your driveway. We're still using chains to travel on the Road.

On the culvert front, all the culverts are open to halfway, and the water is flowing just were it should be.

Progress is steady and good. In the words of John, our Road Foreman, "Life is good."

- Ryan


  1. Very cool! Thanks for the update! Got any photos?

  2. A full picture taking excursion will be underway tomorrow. I'll be posting the photos here, and on our Facebook page.
    - Ryan