Thursday, April 16, 2009

Working on the 5 Mile

The Road Crew has lucked out with great weather the past couple days and even more in the forecast. They've made good progress up the mountain and are working on the 5 Mile. To be more specific, all the culverts are cleared to the three above the S Turn. You know, that spot right there. Seriously though, that means they've reached just above 4.5 miles on the Road. Good stuff.

The Road is 95% snow-free below 2 Mile Park, but then the snow creeps in from the side all the way to the S Turn. At Twin Bridges, the ice is close to 12" thick. So, the deep snow is cleared, but plenty of clearing to go. The crew is still running chains the whole way. John is running the grader on the Road today with hope of opening up some holes and clearing the ice away. Continued sunshine would be a big help, too.

The bulldozer is still working on the 5 Mile. There is A LOT of snow to still clear. And, that means A LOT of culverts still left to find. But, work is steady and progress is good.

Here are photos from today.

Video update and culvert update to follow.
Stay tuned.

- Ryan

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