Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moving on Up

Two days of work in the books, and things are looking up. Literally.

The bulldozer has reached the 3 mile post and has cleared the deep snow to that point. It's not exactly plowed like your driveway, but the big stuff is out of the way. Thus far, the Road Crew has found less than average snow cover on the Road, which bodes well for our progress. Of course, snow was falling as the crew headed down yesterday afternoon. Perhaps, Mt. Washington has a sense of humor.

The battle with the frozen culverts has also begun. The crew has been able to clear a number already, but there are 115 of them, so it takes some time to say the least.

I'll be posting more updates as the Road Crew makes their way up the mountain. I'm planning on headed up next week to get some pictures and video.

- Ryan

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